Medical Office Architect

J.R. Romero, AIA, founder and President of a small architectural firm in Reno, NV includes Medical Office design in his portfolio of many building types. His firm, J.R. Romero, Architect, has been the designated architectural firm in Reno-Sparks for Ensemble Real Estate Services (ERES) since the inception of his firm in 2005. Prior to that, J.R. was the Project Architect for Ensemble’s Reno projects while an employee of another firm.

It was during the period of 2000–2003, while J.R. was an employee of another firm in Reno, NV that he was first exposed to the design of medical office buildings. J.R. was the Project Architect for a large, out-patient counseling facility for San Joaquin County Mental Health Services, located in Stockton, CA. He successfully managed the project from the construction document phase through construction administration, working closely with the staff of Mental Health and the San Joaquin County Capital Projects Division.

Due to J.R.’s hands-on approach to architectural design and project management, he has been directly involved from concept to occupancy in all of Ensemble’s medical office projects located in Reno-Sparks. Beginning with the Saint Mary’s Center for Health medical office building located in downtown Reno, J.R. has designed medical offices for such groups as Nevada Heart Surgeons, Sierra Orthopedic, Dr. Ali Internal Medicine, Western Surgical & Bariatric, Obstetrician / Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Dr. Paul Ludlow Ear Nose & Throat, Cardiologists Group and Podiatrists. Most of the medical office projects within the Saint Mary’s Center for Health were new construction in unfinished shell space. It has been only within the past year that some of his medical office projects have involved remodeling and enlarging existing spaces for new tenants.

Ensemble Real Estate Services retained J.R. in 2006 to begin providing architectural design services in the recently purchased Vista Medical Terrace medical office building located in Sparks, NV, and which is adjacent to the Northern Nevada Medical Center (NNMC). Shortly after Ensemble became co-owner of Vista Medical Terrace with the hospital, Ensemble also became co-owner of the Sparks Medical Offices building also located adjacent to NNMC.

J.R. continues to be Ensemble’s designated architect for all work within the Vista Medical Terrace and Sparks Medical Office medical buildings. J.R. has designed offices in the Vista Medical Terrace for Primary Care Physicians, Wound Care, and is in the process of designing a new Mail Order Pharmacy.

In the Sparks Medical Offices building, J.R. has designed medical offices for such groups as Spine Nevada, Pain Treatment Center, Senior Bridges, Cardiology Group, and a General Surgery Group. J.R. was also retained to provide architectural design services to give a “facelift” to the exterior and interior common areas.

J.R.’s reputation as a medical office Architect has led him to other Clients such as Dr. Rick Bessette of Capitol Surgery and Dr. Jeff Upton of Capitol Urology Associates in Carson City, NV. J.R. was retained to design their new 10,600 sf medical office building located adjacent to the Silver Oak golf course and near the new Carson Tahoe Medical Center in north Carson City. Another project within this building was the design of a satellite office space for Reno-based Nevada Retina Associates.

Other local medical offices designed by J.R. include a Primary Urgent Care facility for Dignity Health in northwest Reno, and Stewart Family Dentistry and Endodontic Associates located in Sparks, NV.

If you are looking for an Architect to work on your existing medical facility or to build you an entirely new one, please call J.R. Romero at 775.786.1552 and get him involved as early as possible to make sure things get on the right track, right from the beginning.