About JR

Hiring an architect is usually something that people think they need when building a skyscraper, hotel, parking garage or hospital. In reality, architects are used for all sorts of projects such as adding a master bedroom suite, a mother-in-laws quarters, adding a detached garage, remodeling a professional office or a kitchen in a home. Architects understand all of the basic needs for any of these kinds of building projects including engineering, structure requirements, materials and specialized contractors needed to do the work.

J.R. Romero is a Reno based architect who has been involved in a number of projects, both large and small throughout Northern Nevada and Northern California. From designing an entire medical office complex all the way down to replacing the front porch on someone’s house, J.R. can handle all of the details. He prides himself on knowing what is needed in our area and its special requirements with regard to climate, style and the potential for earthquakes. An important quality he has is the ability to effectively communicate with the various contractors throughout the course of construction to ensure that your project is built successfully.

Throughout this website you will notice a number of projects that have been done over the years. But please don’t consider that this is all he knows how to do because JR has extensive experience with almost any type of architectural need. If you can dream it up, JR can make it come to pass.

The most important thing that you need to know is that J.R. is a long time Nevadan, having moved here in the spring of 1985.  He is here to make sure that your project reaches it’s designed and predicted fulfillment. A hands-on Architect, he is here to take care of the necessary details from “concept through construction”.  He has the ability to assemble the right team of consultants needed regardless of a project’s complexity and lead a collaborative effort for a successful project.

Suppose you wanted to build a brand-new custom home; J.R. can handle it. Suppose you wanted to build a 15 story office building complex with parks, parking facilities and intricate handicap access. J.R. Romero is the architect in Reno that you should call. If you already have an existing office building and need one of the floors entirely remodeled to suit a new client or tenant, J.R. can handle these with ease and does them all the time.

So if you’re looking for an architect in Reno you have reached the best website for the information you need. Please call J.R. Romero at 775-786-1552, or email him at jrrarch@msn.com,  and let him know what is on your mind. Contact him to be able to build your future.